Frequently Asked Questions

Providing assistance to people in need is our main goal.

How can the Duty Solicitors be contacted?

The Contact Numbers of the Duty Solicitors are displayed on Posters at the designated Police Stations. They can also be reached through Offices of the Legal Aid Council in the project States.

Which States have this scheme?

The PDDS Scheme is currently being implemented in 6 States in Nigeria. Imo, Kaduna, Ondo, Plateau, Rivers and Sokoto State. 

Are the Duty Solicitors paid for their assistance?

The Duty Solicitors do not recieve payment for the legal assistance they give. The legal service is free.

Do the Duty Solicitors represent suspects in Court?

The duty solicitors post  bail applications on behalf of suspects at the magistrate courts if they are unable to secure police bail. In some cases where application for bail at the magistrate court does not succeed, the duty solicitors file bail applications at the High Courts, through the Fundamental Human Rights Enforcement Procedure rules.

How does the Scheme work?

Lawyers are placed on a 24-hour call at designated police stations to provide legal assistance to suspects immediately after their arrest. They advice suspects as to the rights available to them, they assist the suspects to apply for police bail and they also provide legal assistance to the Police.

What is the Police duty Soilicitor Scheme?

The Police Duty Solicitor Scheme (PDSS) is an initiative developed to give firsthand legal services to persons arrested and being held on detention in Police stations pending completion of Police investigation or arraignment before a court