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REPLACE evolved in the context of a project to model interventions for managing Pre-Trial Detention (PTD project) and develop a Police Duty-Solicitor Scheme (PDSS) in Nigeria. This project began in 2004 and is a pioneer civil society effort to respond to the seemingly intractable problem of ‘awaiting trial persons’ in Nigeria’s criminal justice system.

We're committed to the creation and development of credible sources of data and information on criminal justice with transparent processes

Police Duty-Solicitor Scheme

This project seeks to address the problem of pre-trial detention in Nigeria, also responds to the gap in coordination and harmonization of criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Information Management System

Capturing and managing all information available within the criminal justice system in Nigeria.

Police and Criminal Evidence

Activities proposed for this programme area will build awareness and initiate effective strategies to support evidence-based policing in Nigeria.

Paralegal Scheme

Activities under this head will focus on developing non-litigation-based legal aid delivery, with a bias for paralegal services.


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How can the Duty Solicitors be contacted?

The Contact Numbers of the Duty Solicitors are displayed on Posters at the designated Police Stations. They can also be reached through Offices of the Legal Aid Council in the project States.

Which States have this scheme?

The PDDS Scheme is currently being implemented in 6 States in Nigeria. Imo, Kaduna, Ondo, Plateau, Rivers and Sokoto State. 

Is there a framework for this Scheme?

In 2006, a Memorandum of Understanding was entered into by the Open Society Justice Initiative, the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria and the Nigeria Police Force to give effect to the PDSS Scheme. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)enables the Duty Solicitors to get unfettered access to the desiganted Police Stations in the States, secure Police Cooperation on the Scheme and also outline the responsibilities of the different parties to the MOU.


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