Our mission

The Rights Enforcement and Public Law Centre is committed to providing leadership and expertise in the design and implementation of justice sector reforms and in the creation of avenues and opportunities for equal access to justice for all individuals and vulnerable groups in society.

REPLACE is committed to the creation and development of credible sources of data and information on criminal justice with transparent processes for accessing and managing these data by State and non-State actors.

REPLACE’s methodology is based on the adoption of a holistic approach to problem solving and a comprehensive utilization of research, advocacy and litigation tools.


Our vision

A safe and secure society built on the twin foundations of effective management of criminal justice processes and systems and equality of opportunity to access justice delivery machineries and institutions.


REPLACE evolved in the context of a project to model interventions for managing Pre-Trial Detention (PTD project) and develop a Police Duty-Solicitor Scheme (PDSS) in Nigeria. This project began in 2004 and is a pioneer civil society effort to respond to the seemingly intractable problem of ‘awaiting trial persons’ in Nigeria’s criminal justice system.